Best practice report on labour markets, social issues and tourism

TRACER - Transition in coal intensive regions


This report aims to identify the best practices related to labour market, retraining/reskilling and social transformation processes and propose a guideline on how to reuse the facilities and infrastructures of the mining activities, especially in the mono-industrial coal regions in transition. The guide can help the stakeholders to find the best alternatives in order to assure the sustainable development of the labour market the region. On these bases, they can take the best decisions regarding to the economic, social and cultural future of the area.

The annex of the report “Fact sheets on social issues” containing 11 best practice examples can be found here.


  • Asociația Institutul Social Valea Jiului (AISVJ), Romania

  • ISPE Proiectare și Consultanță S.A. (ISPE), Romania

  • Asociația Planeta Petrila, Romania


Horizon 2020