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  • 01. May 2020News: Project Start: CINTRAN Carbon Intensive Regions in Transition

    In order to meet the climate change mitigation objectives of the European Union (EU) as well as the objectives of the Paris Agreement, it is inevitable that the EU phases out fossil fuel consumption in the power sector and decarbonises fossil-fuel dependent industries. These industries are not spread evenly across the EU but concentrated in a number of carbon-intensive regions.

  • 30. Sep 2020Comment: What Does Decarbonisation Mean for European Energy Regions?

    Does ambitious climate protection policy lead to high unemployment and social erosion in European energy regions? Does the coal phase-out give a boost to populist movements there and stir up anti-democratic resentment? Are these regions developing appropriate strategies for dealing with the upcoming transformation of their carbon-intensive economies?


The Coal Transitions Hub brings together local knowledge from various researchers of major coal consuming and/or producing countries.

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