Research Hub

Coal Transitions is an international research platform which aims to develop credible and feasible trajectories and policy guidance for deep transitions in the coal sector in major coal using countries.

Coal power plant and wind turbine – Pixabay License – Picture by pixel2013

Coal represents 28% of global energy consumption. However, meeting commitments under the Paris Agreement on climate change requires a significant reduction in coal consumption across the globe. In many coal-dependent countries, this raises significant political, social and economic issues.

Coal Transitions aims to promote

  • a deeper understanding among relevant national and international stakeholders of the implications of global climate mitigation activities for the future of coal production and consumption
  • societally acceptable transition away from coal, to marry coal phase out with economic renewal and a just transition in key countries
  • knowledge and acceptance of new narratives on the future of coal, enabling conditions, and concrete steps for national coal phase out strategies
  • exchange, learning and more coordination on transition policies at international level