6. March 2024CINTRAN Final Stakeholder Event

The CINTRAN Final Stakeholder Event took place on 6 March 2024 in Brussels.

Date & Time: Wednesday, 6 March 2024 from 9:00 to 15:00+  

Agenda: here

Slides: here

After 4 years of successful research implementation, CINTRAN – Unravelling the Challenges of Structural Change, will come to a close in the springtime of 2024. To highlight, commemorate and discuss its main outcomes and accomplishments, ICLEI Europe and Wuppertal Institute are convening for a Final Stakeholder Event, which took place on Wednesday, 6th of March 2024.

The event brought together main stakeholders and decision-makers of the Just Transition community, including representatives from European Commission departments and executive agencies such as DG ENER, DG REGIO and DG RTD, Committee of the Regions, EU MEP, national authorities, private sector, Trade Union and civil society, as well as key stakeholders from coal+ regions across Europe.

During the event, the latest insights on the just transition process were shared from the scientific community, practitioners, and policy experts, as well as reflections on the process from coal+ regions, namely Western Macedonia, Greece; Ida-Virumaa, Estonia; Rhineland, Germany; and Silesia, Poland. Interactive sessions and panel discussions were held throughout the day, offering opportunities for participants to ask questions and identify new practices and instruments to solve the challenges faced by the coal+ regions. The ultimate aim of this final event, was to reflect on the progress made on the just transition across Europe, hold discussions and exchanges between participants to find replicable solutions to mutual challenges, and to provide networking opportunities throughout the event schedule.

BIP Meeting Center – House of the Capital Region

Rue Royale, 2-4 1000 Bruxelles