China’s Energy Policy

An Overview for Policy Makers


This technical report provides a comprehensive overview of China’s complex energy landscape, exploring the paradox of its simultaneous expansion in renewable energy and continued reliance on coal. It delves into the strategic focus of China’s climate and energy policy, aiming for a balanced economic development with environmental sustainability. The report examines the structure and evolution of China’s energy system, detailing the predominance of coal and the growing significance of renewables, nuclear power, and oil and gas sectors. It offers an in-depth analysis of the nuanced energy policies within these sectors, highlighting the challenges of governance, market dynamics, and technology integration. Additionally, the report explores China’s influence on global energy markets and the international implications of its energy policy, particularly in the context of its commitments under the Paris Agreement and its Belt and Road Initiative. Finally, it reviews the challenges and opportunities facing China’s energy policy, emphasizing the need for more policy innovation and strategic institutional reforms to achieve a timely sustainable energy transition.


  • Research Group FossilExit

  • Europa-Universität Flensburg