Deliverable 4.3: About the development process of the JT:READY tool and scoping case studies



The ‘Just Transition Readiness Evaluation Tool’ (JT:READY) should enable policy-makers and stakeholders in Europe to understand the complexity of the just transition concept and how it can be broken down to transition-related policy fields and measures on the regional level. Linking just transition research with overarching EU climate and social policy goals, we propose a framework that is based on what scholars call a ‘whole-systems approach’ (Abram et al., 2022) to just transition. JT:READY formulates a starting point to the adoption of a multi-dimensional (or transformative) just transition approach: From transition goals, over transition levers to transition-related policy instruments on the regional and local level, the tool provides a holistic picture on the themes and topics that play a role for the development of sub-national policy mixes and provides suggestions and examples for policy responses.