GENeSYS-MOD v2.0 – Enhancing the Global Energy System Model

Model Improvements, Framework Changes, and European Data Set | DIW Berlin Data Documentation No. 94


This Data Documentation presents the second version of the Global Energy System Model (GENeSYS-MOD), an open-source energy system modeling framework. The model endogenously determines cost-optimal investment paths into conventional and renewable energy generation, different storage technologies,and some infrastructure investments in five-year steps until 2050. GENeSYS-MOD hereby focuses on thecoupling of the three traditionally segregated sectors electricity, heat, and transportation – including allthree sectors and their interconnections in the model. By allowing for different emission targets (such asemission budgets, yearly emission targets, or emission reduction goals), possible cost-minimizing pathwaystowards a largely (or even fully) decarbonized energy system can be analyzed. The second version of themodel features more time slices, a more detailed representation of power trade and its infrastructure,performance improvements, and a fully revised technology data set. Additionally, to model improvementsand changes, a high-quality data set for the European region to use with GENeSYS-MOD v2.0 is providedand described. An application of the European version of GENeSYS-MOD v2.0 can be found as anaccompanying DIW Discussion Paper No. 1745 (Hainsch et al. 2018).


  • DIW Berlin


DIW Berlin, TU Berlin